LookInMyPC - Features
LookInMyPC PRO Includes three applications, Witness, Informer and Helpdesk. Both applications make heavy use of embedded linking so you can quickly and easily get more information with the click of your mouse. Internal email functions allow you to send reports and snippets with the press of a button and, they do not require access to an email server.

New! Now Integrates With Our Helpdesk Product

LookInMyPC records an incredible amount of data. Sometimes you might want an expert to help interpret your data and give you a plain English explanation of what your data shows and recommendations for mitigation.

We now install our Helpdesk application with all LookInMyPC installations. Helpdesk uses your LookInMyPC data to build a special set of reports that are automatically submitted to our expert Windows technicians. We'll examine your submission, investigate problems and identify suspicious activity. And, we'll let you know what we find.

Helpdesk diagnostics are charged on a per-incident basis and LookInMyPC users get a 25% discount on diagnostic services. For more information on Helpdesk, click here.

LookInMyPC PRO Witness Module Features

Witness as the name implies, is much like a "flight data recorder" for your PC. It provides constant live monitoring of application changes, all incoming and outgoing network connections, immediate geolocation of remote addresses, and file activity for important files. It runs on demand as a desktop application or a system service that runs silently in the background, 24/7.

Numerous internal functions help you identify potentially dangerous activities in seconds instead of hours. it allows you to drill down on almost anything to get details instantly and offers full historical searching and reporting and to quickly identify almost any problem or malicious activity, even if it occurred days ago. It will even send you an automatic daily email report each morning with warnings and highlights from the previous day.
Internet Monitoring

Monitors all incoming and outgoing Internet connections in real time. Displays the process, IP addresses and ports involved for each connection. Automatically geolocates remote addresses and displays the country.

Process Monitoring

Monitors all processes whether they are desktop or hidden. Informs you when an executable is modified or replaced by cataloging MD5 signatures. Informs you when new processes are run that have not been seen before.

Extensive Logging

Maintains several logs with detail on specific operations. Logs are maintained on a daily basis in plain text so that they can easily be analyzed by other applications. Syslog reporting is also supported.

Drill Down

Activity logs are displayed with hyperlinks to allow you to drill down and get more information. Get detailed information on IP addresses, executables and more.

File Activity

Monitors and logs all file activity for important directories and you can add other directories of interest. Logs files created, deleted, renamed or modified. File activity logs can be merged into system activity to provide incredible detail.

Powerful Searching

Flexible search options allow you to search in normal or grep mode for a single day or historical multi-day results. You can search in plain text or use powerful regular expressions.

Data Filtering

Powerful include/exclude filtering options allow you to focus on the data you are interested in and ignore the rest. Regular expressions are also supported.

Full Featured GUI

The GUI is designed to help you explore, analyze and find information quickly. It reduces typical task time using cumbersome command line or other tools from hours to mere seconds.

Built-in Email Client

Send log snippets or entire logs to anyone with the press of a button. Logs are compressed as ZIP files automatically. You can also receive a daily overview report automatically each day. No email server is required.

Witness Screen Shots

Main Screen

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Get IP Info

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Process Details

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Log Filters

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Merged Reports

LookInMyPC PRO Informer Module Features

Informer generates a complete comprehensive system profile that includes information on all installed hardware and software. Additionally it provides system diagnostic information such as details on running processes, installed services, drivers, startup programs, Windows updates and hot fixes, active network and Internet connections, TCP/IP port usage, event log detail, and much more. All this is provided in an easy to read, formatted report that you can view and print using your web browser. You can compare reports generated on different days/times and instantly see what has changed.
Reporting with Incredible Detail

Powerful, fully detailed reports are viewed in your web browser. Everything item of interest is hyperlinked so you can find out more with the click of a mouse. LookInMyPC reports have been praised by Windows bloggers and big magazine sites for many years.

Baseline Comparisons

Create a Baseline report and you can instantly compare changes to your computer since the baseline was created. This is an immensely valuable tool for use in the discovery of malicious or intrusive applications and programs.

View, Print or Email

Need more help? Instantly send your reports as ZIP file attachments to a friend, computer guru or tech support specialist. If you tell it to attach your baseline reports, it will even prepare the comparison report for you and send that along too!

Informer Screen Shots

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Report Items

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Comparison Tools