LookInMyPC - FAQ

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Do you have a trial version?
We have offered trial versions of our various products for over two decades. We are phasing out trial versions for new releases of our software. We value our paying customers, and we feel we need to give them our full attention. Supporting trial version users takes away valuable time we need to devote to our paying customers. We do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee for those that find that LookInMyPC is not what they are looking for.
Can you help me diagnose a computer problem?
The LookInMyPC modules are tools designed to help you investigate and track down computer problems, look for intrusions, irregularities and alert you to suspicious activity. Unfortunately, we can't provide the level of support necessary to help everyone diagnose their computer issues.

That being said, we are considering a pay per incident service that would allow you to submit your reports for review and and analysis by a Windows expert.
Are there any additional fees?
No. There are no subscription fees of any kind. Minor version updates are free.
Will LookInMyPC slow down my computer?
LookInMyPC PRO includes a low level Windows system service that records the same information and more with no noticeable speed degradation whatsoever. Even on a busy Windows server, we see less than a 1% processor utilization.
What is a System Service?
System services are special types of programs that run in the background. They (mostly) load when your computer boots up and stay running all the time. They run under a special "SYSTEM" account that has access to things regular USER accounts do not have. Anyone running a Windows computer may have 2-3 dozen system services running and have no idea that they are even there. The LookInMyPC PRO system service gives is additional capabilities and also keeps an eye on other services!
Why do I need to monitor what my computer is doing?
We are all concerned with the security of our personal information these days. While LookInMyPC gathers a huge amount of data about your computer, it pays particular attention to programs that communicate over the Internet. You almost certainly send email, browse the web and maybe watch a video from time to time. You know what those programs are. But if you have other things accessing the internet without your knowledge, those are the things that LookInMyPC will tell you.

Malicious programs are always a concern and most people run anti-virus programs to help protect them. But what if something gets by your anti-virus program? How will you know? Even legitimate companies sometimes load programs on your computer that sends them information on your activities. Hewlett Packard was caught twice in 2017 loading up supposedly trusted software onto users computers that monitored their keystrokes and potentially sensitive data back to them.
Will this program run on Windows Servers?
Absolutely! The components in the PRO version were designed for Windows Server and were originally developed for our in-house use. We have been using them for many years.

For example, if you are using Windows IIS to host your websites, you already know that Windows provides logs of all activity. But getting usable data out of IIS logs is difficult and time consuming. There are utilities available for analyzing those log files, but they are expensive and that's all they do. What we wanted was something that gave us a better system wide look at our servers so we could more easily spot intruders, attackers, and weed out the generally useless traffic.
Will this program monitor file usage?
The PRO version will, yes! Internally, it records any activity that creates, deletes, or changes a file to a dedicated log file. You can view this file separately or merge it with the main activity log file to get an chronological and highly accurate view of what is being used.

Windows as well as third party Windows programs usually have background processes that do periodic updates. This usually happens without your knowledge at various times of the day. LookInMyPC will tell you when this happened, what files were updated, where they were downloaded from, and more.

By default, only the most important directories are monitored, but you can add any additional directories you want.
I would like to know if someone installs something from a USB thumb drive. Is this possible?
Absolutely! The PRO version watches for USB device insertion and removal. If it is a removable storage device, it will even tell you the manufacturer if known. It also generates a WARNING so that it will bring this to your attention. By looking at the merged reports, you can see exactly what files were copied, either from your computer drive or from the thumb drive, or what program was run from the thumb drive.
Will users know LookInMyPC is running?
No. Nothing is displayed to the user. Shortcuts and icons are normally put in the Programs area, but you can optionally deselect this in the setup program or just delete them from the desktop. If you want it to run hidden, it will.

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